Our Mission

We enable the renewable energy transformation by providing the cleanest, most efficient, and most profitable energy storage solutions.

Our Business

The Photon Vault integrates existing theory, technology, and supply chains to facilitate renewable energy systems that are more profitable than existing fossil-fueled technologies, and enable 100% renewable electricity grids.

Initial markets have been identified in California and Texas, with a total of 6,000 potential project locations identified. Other domestic markets will develop as renewables penetration advances, such as in Colorado and in island markets such as Hawaii and Puerto Rico. The US market for energy storage is expected to exceed $2 Trillion in the next generation. Global markets will be 4-6x the US market, with early opportunities arising in China, India, the European Union, MENA countries, Australia, Peru, and Chile.

The Opportunity

Developing reliable and affordable energy storage is critical to the renewable energy transformation. Following the successful maturation of wind and solar energy over the last 15 years, energy storage will be this decade’s energy Prize. Photon Vault intends to be the technology of choice in this transformation, helping our renewable energy goals become a reality.

The People

Portrait of Kent McCormick

Kent McCormick

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Byron Viets

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Adrian Reed

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Jason Bates

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Scott Harlan

VP of Engineering
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John Langhus

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Bob Crigler

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Andrew Clark

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Evan Rusmisel